Asgard Enamel Pin
Asgard Enamel Pin Hand holding Asgard Postal Stamp Enamel Pin Picture Fram with Stamp Enamel Pins, The Kingdom, Cedar Forest, Asgard, Moon Castle, Starship, Pacha's Hut Hand holding Stamp Enamel Pins of White City, Lorien, Asgard Group shot of Stamp Enamel PIns Colorful Display in frame of Mix and Match Stamp Enamel Pin Set, Porthaven, Neverland, A Galaxy Far Far Away, Tulgey Woods, The Magical Castle for Wizards, Pemberley, Wizard of Oz, The Safari Dinosaur Island, The Wardrobe, Bag End, Dune, Anne of Green Gables

Step into a world of myth and legend with the Asgard Enamel Pin by Joy Addict, a captivating addition to any enamel pin collection. This meticulously designed pin captures the essence of Asgardian lore, combining the allure of fan art with the timeless appeal of bookish themes.

Fashioned to resemble a vintage stamp, the Asgard Enamel Pin is not only a nod to classic philatelic art but also a tribute to the rich tapestry of mythical stories. Its robust craftsmanship makes it an ideal adornment for backpacks, jackets, or pin boards, inviting onlookers into a realm of fantasy and wonder.

Perfect for enthusiasts of mythology and collectors alike, this pin is a fantastic way to celebrate your love for epic narratives and artistic creativity. Whether you’re looking to enhance your pin collection or searching for a unique gift for a fellow aficionado, the Asgard Enamel Pin is sure to enchant and inspire. Add it to your ensemble to carry a piece of legendary magic wherever you go!

• Hard Enamel Lapel Pin
• Highly Polished Gold Metal
• Two White Rubber Clutches
• Measurements: 1.35"