Khazad-dum Art Print

Printed on Archival Fine Art paper.

⭐️ Size and Materials
- Size: 8x10
- Printed with vibrant and durable inks on beautiful 285gsm Archival Fine Art paper
- Protected with a transparent cellophane bag and backed with a piece of chipboard to prevent it from bending during shipping
- Frame not included

⭐️ Shipping
- All Joy Addict Art Prints are shipped in hard cardboard envelopes to help them arrive safely to their destinations.

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Transport your space with the Khazad-dûm Art Print – a breathtaking homage to the ancient and mysterious dwarf realm beneath the Misty Mountains. Meticulously illustrated with intricate detail, this art print captures the awe-inspiring beauty and haunting aura of Khazad-dûm, also known as the Dwarrowdelf.

Featuring the intricate glowing runes and eerie beauty of the door to the hidden realm, this art print is a must-have for fans of this epic saga. Display it proudly in your living space, study, or office, and immerse yourself in the rich lore of this fantasy classic.

Printed on high-quality archival paper, The Khazad-dûm Art Print is not just a decorative piece but a timeless addition to your fantasy collection. Whether you're a seasoned adventurer of the Fellowship or an admirer of dwarven craftsmanship, let this art print be a daily reminder of the captivating world crafted by the master storyteller.

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