Magical Washi Tape // Version 4
Magical Washi Tape // Version 4 Magical Washi Tape // Version 4 Magical Washi tape for Spells and Wizardry Stamp Enamel pin washi tape bookish book lover merch Magical Washi Tape // Version 4

This Stamp Washi roll has been updated to feature ten beloved places from the wizarding world ✨ Perfect for adding some magic to your favorite notebook, planner, scrapbook, or anywhere!


• Stamp Washi Tape
• Features 10 illustrated designs including: The Castle, The Village, The Hut, The Burrow, The Alley, The Great Hall, The Express, The Pitch, The Cupboard, The Dark Forest
• 25mm x 5m (.98 inches x 5.47 yards)
• Shrink wrap sealed for protection

Add a touch of magic to your crafting and stationery with the Magical Washi Tape – an enchanting fusion of wizardry and creativity. This delightful tape seamlessly blends the world of wizardry with the charm of washi tape, offering fans a unique way to showcase their love for the magical world.

Featuring iconic wizarding locations, this washi tape is a must-have for fans of the beloved fantasy series. Transform your notebooks, scrapbooks, letters, and more into a magical masterpiece as you incorporate these charming designs into your projects.

The Magical Washi Tape roll is not only a whimsical accessory but also a functional tool for adding a magical touch to any surface. Whether you're a seasoned wizard or a first year student, this washi tape is a delightful way to infuse your everyday life with the spirit of the magical world.