8 x 10 Art Print Mockup of the Wolf Patronus and Magical Wand

The Wolf Patronus // Art Print

✨Expecto Patronum!✨

Patronuses are a form of advanced magic, guardians that shield and protect from dementors. This print is part of a collection that includes a total of 12 prints, each representing the different patronuses from our favorite wizarding world. Add a pop of color to your home with this inspirational Art Print, an original painting created and printed in our sunny SoCal studio.

Printed on Archival Fine Art paper.


⭐️ Size and Materials
- Size: 8x10
- Printed with vibrant and durable inks on beautiful 285gsm Archival Fine Art paper
- Protected with a transparent cellophane bag and backed with a piece of chipboard to prevent it from bending during shipping
- Frame not included

⭐️ Shipping
- All Joy Addict Art Prints are shipped in hard cardboard envelopes to help them arrive safely to their destinations.

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